Results of V.O.N.C WAR

Now, I don’t want to be prosecuted for saying this but bad things have happened because of this wonderful revolution in gaming.


The reason behind this page is to tell you of the horrors of the war. In the early days when V.O.N.C - Extreme was spreading rapidly there once was a confrontation between a Year 9 and a Year 11 which lead to a merciless attack triggered by the Year 9 using one of the fabled V.O.N.C balls on a player (which is not allowed and can trigger pain).

Because of the attack, there was soon a Year 9 army all capable of hitting moving targets and they declared war on the Year 11. In the opening stages of the war, it was a slaughter led by the Year 9 as the leading V.O.N.C players of Year 11 were left without a V.O.N.C ball and no way of defending themselves (a bit unfair if I may say so).

In the key moment of this onslaught when there seemed to be no hope, an unheard of V.O.N.C player went deep into the V.O.N.C ball production office and seized enough balls to retaliate. When the Year 9 army saw what had happened they retreated and gathered together forces with which to launch their next attack. So the Year 11 army agreed that V.O.N.C - Extreme was on hold and that it was war between the forms. Soon it would be worse, and during the war techniques and tactics were used which previous V.O.N.C games had never even seen.

There were too many Year 9sand the Year 11 were quickly overwhelmed. Thanks to the quick thinking of the leading V.O.N.C player Matt, he soon secured one of the doors to the Year 9 room slowing down their attacks and stopping their overwhelming defense. Soon enough, the Year 11 tipped the balance and took the lead trashing all attacks lead by any of the Year 9. Soon enough, Jonny and John were soon in denial about the war and they quickly brought harder objects into the battle (lids, pens, basically anything they could find) but in the heat of the battle, a young V.O.N.C player Jonathan AKA Bubble Bitch saw the potential of using wet V.O.N.C balls to really do some damage.

In memory of the fallen, and especially the ones who fell too early in the battle, the bombs were thrown in memory of John who helped the struggle along. A brave and heroic soldier.

Recent Developments

Due to the increasing pressure on the soldiers to perform, a group of three storm troopers from the Year 11 side led a merciless attack on the Year 9 in protest to their claims that they had already won (I don’t think so). Until an armistice is signed, the war is still on and there is no way the Year 11 are giving up even if they’re out numbered and out gunned they will succeed! The attack went well with injuries sustained to some of the covert Year 9 units and damaged the main fight leadership, John and Jonny.

(Personally I can’t see how the Year 11 can lose. The Year 9 army is weak, scared and composed of the lower league V.O.N.C - Extreme players. As it is said, there will be no mercy and the Year 11 army will crush the Year 9 like a paper cup in Mr Burns’ hand. WE WILL WIN THE WAR, YOU MAY OF WON THE BATTLE BUT WAIT TILL THE END AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)