You are now entering the strange and mysterious world of V.O.N.C - Extreme. Proceed With Caution!!

This is the official V.O.N.C - Extreme website. But what the fu*k is V.O.N.C? And how is it extreme? I hear you saying to yourselves.

Are You Ready To Embrace The Story Of V.O.N.C?

It all began earlier more than a decade ago in, none other than, Mr. Copes’ History lesson. Now, I never experienced a history lesson but I did have the privilege of a French cover lesson with him.

The original inventors of the game, the very people who brought life to the phenomenon which has spread through the forms, are Nick & Simon. They began on the simple idea of just throwing a paper ball into a bin and betting on the outcome which was classified into two catagories – Success or Vote Of No Confidence (shortened to V.O.N.C). The simple game was played on 2 seperate occasions in T5 and Mr Copes’ History room. But soon enough it would spread! But with the spreading came the inevitability of change.

The Introduction Of V.O.N.C - Extreme

More than a decade ago plus a week, V.O.N.C - Extreme, was born, bred, and evolved into two extreme versions. The version which is common amongst Year 11 has a different hybrid in Year 9.

In Year 11, we have a competative feel to it whereby there are two people throwing one ball into the bin placed outside one of the voids on the side bulkhead. The rules are explained on the other pages, so please browse.